Who We Are

We are a Polish-Czech team, dynamically implementing internship programmes for young people, persons working with the youth and youth organisations.

Utilizing the professional expertise and vast experience of our international team enables us to tailor projects to the specific needs of each partner. By gaining insight into our clients’ requirements, we can accurately identify their needs and provide optimal solutions to meet them.

Our mission

We aim to impart knowledge and ignite passion. We pave the way for young individuals’ career journeys by organizing internships abroad, turning aspirations of working in their desired profession into reality. Furthermore, we provide an opportunity to gain valuable experience at a European level. Additionally, we instill traits of responsibility, openness, and conscientiousness in trainees. Moreover, we facilitate the creation of new international connections and foster cultural understanding by encouraging interactions and exposure to diverse cultures.

Our vision

We aim to enhance our trainees’ professional, linguistic, and social skills. To achieve this, we meticulously oversee the internship to ensure its seamless execution. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive support in terms of content and language throughout the project. Additionally, we arrange accommodation and meals for the trainees and offer organized trips and cultural activities during their free time. We prioritize being receptive to our trainees’ needs, suggestions, and ideas.