Who We Are

We are a Polish-Czech team, dynamically implementing internship programmes for young people, persons working with the youth and youth organisations.

The professional expertise and extensive experience of our international team, allow us to implement projects which are adapted to each partner’s needs.
By getting the knowledge about our clients we are able to identify their needs and then to offer them as best solutions as it possible.

Our mission

We share knowledge and we want to infect with passion. We open doors to young people’s careers. By organizing internships abroad, we make dreams about working in a chosen profession come true. What is more, we give an opportunity to gain experience in working at a European level. In addition, we teach the trainees to be responsible, open and conscientious.
Also, we give them a chance to make new, international acquaintances and to get to know other cultures.

Our vision

We want our trainees to improve their professional, linguistic and social competences. In order to facilitate this, we take great care to ensure that the internship is properly carried out and runs smoothly. What is more, we
take care of the trainees in terms of the content and language throughout the project. In addition, we provide the trainees with accommodation and meals. During the free time we offer trips and we also provide a cultural programme. We are open to our trainees’ needs, suggestions and ideas.