interviews with our trainees

Marcin Baran

By taking part in such turnoffs one’s view of the world improves.”

Marcin Baran - Łańcut

How did you get familiarized with the internship project of Erasmus+ program?
I saw the poster in my school, which was kind of invitation for taking part in the project. Apart from this, each classes’ tutor presented us the opportunities which come from Erasmus+ program. After this I thought to myself that it could be really worth to take part in this and go for an internship experience. Not only for the work itself because I think that I would find a good internship place in Poland as well. What really convinced me was a possibility for improving of my language skills during such foreign trip.

What do you do during the internship?
My tasks are connected with installment of operating system on computers and laptops. I also dismantle laptops completely. I deconstruct them in order to resource some of their parts for recycling and some for assembly of parts such as interchangeable discs or cleaning of working equipment.

Are your internship tasks coherent with your interest and your school subjects?
Of course they are. In my opinion the service is the best working place. If one acquires certain abilities one can repair their own laptop on their own. Achieving of such abilities enables also for helping of one’s friends while they are in need for technical support. Acquiring of such abilities allows their owners for saving of some money. To sum up, after such training one can handle anything well.

Do you consider your internship tasks as difficult?
The tasks are not very complicated and I think that I can handle anything. My duties are customized to our abilities, so there is no possibility that we can destroy anything. In school I did not worked on laptops at all. However, I have my own experience in this area because I have repaired my friends’ equipment already and because of that servicing work is something that I am familiarized with.

If you had to choose the best memory of the turnoff what would be it?
The most attractive thing was to sightseeing of Prague where we were on excursion. Unfortunately, it was raining there but I am sure I will remember very beautiful urban scenery and interesting monuments which we could see there.

How do you think, in what way organizing of such internship project can help in professional developments of young people?
I believe such projects are really important because many people of our age have communication problems. They may for example have an idea on themselves and probably they would be able to realize it, but they are afraid of starting it and say it out loudly. They would rather sit silently then stand up and say: “Let us do that!”. Such foreign internship projects may be helpful for them because it is needed to communicate with already known people in foreign language from it’s very begvinning.

What would you tell your friends to encourage them for participating in such project?
I would tell them that it is worth to try it. No matter if and how much you will like the place, the work and the duties – all in all you get an advantage. You visit other country which is different than yours, you have new experiences, you get life experience, you learn foreign language, you are getting familiarized with other surrounding, cuisine, culture. Everything differs a bit from what you already know. By taking part in such turnoffs one’s view of the world improves.

In my family my parents taught us since childhood to visit and get to know as much as we can. Czech Republic is another country to untick on my world map.