Work Experience

Examples of carried out internships

Hotel industry

The tasks performed by the trainees include all activities related to full hotel guest service – working at the reception desk, cleaning and preparing rooms, assisting in the kitchen, floor service, operating modern office equipment and planning various types of hotel services and events, all carried-out in the professional manner.

Young people have a chance to observe and experience what every day work in a hotel looks like and how the tasks in the hotel industry are organised.


Trainees of this course carry out professional tasks related to planning and organizing nutrition. During the internship they learn how to prepare meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, as well as dietary dishes, such as vegetarian meals.

During the work they acquire the ability to prepare meals with respect to the principles of rational nutrition, aesthetic serving and proper consumer service. They apply table laying techniques and learn to cooperate in a team.

Vehicle mechanics

The young people are trained in workshops, where they diagnose and service various types of motor vehicles.

Under the professional supervision of a supervisor, the trainees assess and determine the technical condition of vehicles, assemble and maintain its components, and perform repairs and replacements of broken or faulty parts. During their work they learn self-discipline and independence, which are essential in everyday work of the mechanic.


An IT secondary school student is doing an internship in an IT company specialising in servicing, diagnosing and recycling computer equipment.

As part of the internship, the trainees service laptops and PCs. They do the configurations of computer hardware and software, install programs and operate them. They also learn in detail how to disassemble a computer and how to segregate computer parts for subsequent recycling.

Railway professions

The internship students who choose railway professions are trained by PKP Cargo International. During the internship they gain practical knowledge of the matters connected with marshalling trains, forming trains, preparing trains to run and keeping technical and traffic movement documentation.

The trainees become acquainted with the work of the staff responsible for railway traffic safety, e.g. the work of the traffic duty officer, the dispatcher, the railroad employees and the employees of the railway automations system.


Trainees in the course of agriculture have an internship at a Czech farm.

During the internship they carry out tasks connected with breeding, caring for and feeding various kinds of farm animals, including cows and sheep. They learn how to organise and carry out tasks connected with cultivating the land. Also, they perform basic tasks of plant control treatment. They also learn how to recognise plant diseases or pests which could be a threat to the harvest at a particular farm.


Practicing as a forester takes place outdoors in the State Forests of the Czech Republic, as well as in the production and office premises.

Young people have an opportunity to acquire skills in planning, organising and supervising the work of managing forests in a particular forest district. During their internship they carry out measurement and inventory work in the tree stands, draw up necessary documentation, carry out tasks related to producing wood and other by-products.